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David Snyder


Award-winning web designer/developer who provides a diverse skill set, including including graphic design and layout, web programming in several languages, database setup and design, and the installation and configuration of web servers with a full time web design/development position that has both technical and creative duties.


8/23/92-5/10/96 Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics, May, 1996 3.26GPA


Skill Yrs Exp Last Used Skill Level
JavaScript 7 Current Strong
VBScript/Jscript/ASP 7 Current Strong
ASP.Net 1 Current Proficient/Strong
PHP 1 Current Proficient
HTML/XHTML 9 Current Strong
Flash 2 mo. 1yr Ago Proficient
SQL 6 Current Proficient
UNIX/Linux/BSD 6** Current Strong
Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 7 Current Strong
Photoshop 10 Current Strong
FreeHand 11 Current Strong
Dreamweaver 1 Current Proficient
Apache 2 Current Proficient
XML/XSLT 2 Current Strong
HomeSite 4 Current Strong
Visual Studio 2003/2005 1 Current Proficient/Strong
DHTML 5 Current Strong
MS Office 16+ Current Strong
DOS 16+ Current Strong
PC Hardware 10 Current Strong
PC Networking/Protocols 10 Current Strong
MS SQL Server 6 Current Strong
Adobe Acrobat Exchange 7 Current Strong
Microsoft IIS 7 Current Strong
Microsoft Index Server 7 Current Strong
Windows 14+ Current Strong

** Counting College years at Purdue, there was a 3-year break from it before I resumed my education in UNIX on my own LAN.


  • Designed, developed, organized and deployed award winning web site for employer. This site won a Best Of Show and International Awards from the Society for Technical Communication (STC).
  • Highly proficient in Windows NT, Windows 2000, IIS, Microsoft Active Server Pages, ASP.Net, PHP, Databases, SQL, Linux, Apache, Java Server Pages, DHTML, JavaScript, and much more.
  • Designed and developed events management system that increased attendance, save time for the events staff, reduced paperwork, and assisted sales process.
  • Implemented web site in eight different languages including multi-byte languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Professional Experience

1/07 - Current Wall Street On Demand, Boulder, CO
Web Developer

10/02 - 12/06 WestStar Bank, Gypsum, CO
Web Developer
  • Designed, organized, and programmed the WestStar Bank web sites using IIS, ASP.Net, ASP, SQL Server, and Access.
  • Designed and implemented several internal tools that improved corporate communication and efficiency: corporate intranet, a loan management system, databases for generating paperwork for customers, tracking systems for bringing on new business customers, an internal newsletter system, and systems for tracking associate performance.
  • Assisted tech department by creating scripts to automate complex IT tasks and contributing technical knowledge.
  • Designed and developed marketing collateral for both web and print media.

02/01 - 10/01 Datastream Systems, Inc., Greenville, SC
Senior Web Developer
  • Co-developed Datastream's portal product, Datastream.net with Java Server Pages (JSP) to work with the Java back-end to render the front-end interface. This interface used DHTML to provide instant feedback to the user.
  • Provided technical advice and assistance to the development team on the dataBridge project. This project, utilizing XML and XSL, controlled services on our other products.
  • Configured Apache Web server to correctly handle load balancing system.
  • Implemented HTML-based e-mails using JavaMail allowing sales reps to send account creation notifications to potential customers in a pleasing, user-friendly format.
  • Researched and implemented cross-browser DHTML scripts, improving the performance of the product.

07/96 - 02/01 Datastream Systems, Inc., Greenville, SC
Web Master
  • Designed, organized, and programmed the Datastream web site using IIS, ASP, and MS SQL Server.
  • Designed and implemented the shopping-cart system for e-commerce.
  • Created internal content maintenance tools.
  • Created on-line surveys and reporting mechanisms.
  • Established company intranet.
  • Designed e-mail templates for marketing to provide product and company news to subscribers.
  • Designed and created artwork and icons for Datastream's product line.

Personal Time/Research Endeavors
  • Built, installed, and fully configured personal firewall using OpenBSD.
  • For the last 6 years, used Linux (RedHat, Fedora, and Gentoo), FreeBSD, OpenBSD on multi-OS LAN, and all of the machines can communicate with each other via Samba using Windows 2000 Active Directory server for single sign-on.
  • Constantly expanding my skill set on my own personal time, thus increasing my value to employers.

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