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Abyss Aerial Pictures

My father and a friend flew down to South Carolina from Indiana in my Uncle's Cessna Cardinal. While he was down there we took her up and I had the chance to get some aerial shots of the site. I did a bit of the flying to get there since I knew approximately where to find it. They handled the take off and landing and I few it to the site.

Overview of the Abyss filming site
Overview of the Abyss filming site

This shot shows a good general overview of the site. The buildings just to the left of the leading edge of the wing is where all the sets were. The circular structure near the water is where the DeepCore set resides.

Virtually all the buildings that were there during the filming in 1989 are still standing. One was burned by vandals that housed the wardrobe department.

Over Deep Core
Over DeepCore

Here's a shot of the DeepCore set. It sits inside the cirular structure. There is a lot of water on site here.

Another Shot Over Deep Core
Another Shot Over DeepCore

Here's another shot of the DeepCore set.

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