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Celebration III

Items of Interest:
Star Wars Celebration III was held at the Indianapolis Convention Center from April 21st, 2005 through April 24th, 2005. This one was bigger than ever. This time around Indiana's weather proved again just how capricious and cruel it can truly be.

Overall I had a lot of fun going.

The Night Before folks arriving, displays being set up. I didn't have access to get in, but the signs of the celebration were to be seen everywhere.

Day 1 the first day's activities - my friend Tom wisely decided to hit the store first since we had a decent spot in line. Has some shots of some good costumes.

Day 2 Jay Laga'aia breakfast, an Elvis Sighting, JarJar in carbonite, Ray Park, and General Grevious.

Day 3 - George Lucas Day! brutal, punishing weather, George Lucas, David Prowse, Kenny Baker and Warwick Davis, and Jake Lloyd.

Day 4 Warwick Davis breakfast, the autograph hall, and a surprise for Peter Mayhew.

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