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Welcome to my web site.

This is the place where I showcase what all I have done and also experiment and learn new things in my craft as a web developer.

This site is designed to take advantage of some of the XML capabilities of your browser. FireFox and other Mozilla-based browsers are highly recommended for visiting this site. Internet Explorer 6.0 will work fine on this site but will be a little slower. If you are using an older browser, this site will still work however you will not have an optimal experience.

This web site is divided up into several content areas:
  • About Me - tells a little more about me, what I do and like.
  • Web Sites - a comprehensive portfolio of all the web sites I have created.
  • Art Portfolio - any artwork I created outside of web sites. Shows off most of the projects I produced to earn my degree from Purdue University.
  • Destinations - a gallery of photographs I have taken from my various trips.
  • Contact Me - use this form to contact me if you have questions, compliments, complaints, etc..

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