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10.4.2007 - Now In HD!

Around Labor Day I replaced my 32" Sony XBR 250 with a 50" Samsung HP-T5064 Plasma TV. So far I'm pretty happy with it though that sucker can really pour out the heat after a while. The picture is amazing even though it is only 720p. Given the distance from the seating area, a fully 1080p set wouldn't have been worth the extra cost. HD programming is really something to watch - the difference is pretty dramatic. Hell, I could damn near watch paint dry on it!

If there was one complaint isn't not really the TV itself but Comcast - they have a way too limited HD lineup... what's up with that?

I also upgraded my speakers to Mirage V2 series to better match the room's odd layout. So far I'm quite pleased with them; all the channels come through very clear no matter where you're seated.

Lately I've been putting in lots of work on the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts site. I fixed the stylesheet up so the site displays well in IE7 and is overall a bit more robust. I have also fixed several errors that had crept in since I turned it over, and as of a few minutes ago, created an online ticket purchase system that is mostly modeled after the class registration system. It's not quite the ideal shopping cart, but given the home-rolled budget for this project, it performs very nicely.

On a different note, I've decided to leave World Of Warcraft, at least for a while. I had gotten very very far into it, got to 70, and maxed my leatherwork, fishing, cooking, skinning, and first aid. Got geared out in a number of epics. For a while I was the top druid in my guild. Alas, since the move my desire to play had diminished a bit. Combine this with a strong desire to get my life moving forward on the domestic front and a healthy teaspoon of frustration in WoW and you have all the makings of a good reason to walk away.

I've left the bridges intact, and the door open - I've take long breaks from WoW before so it's hard to say whether this is the end. I've made a number of great friends while there. While my playing has ceased, hopefully the friendships that came with it will go on. At the very least I'll soon get to know two of my fellow guild mates in real life as they are in the process of relocating to Denver. Pretty exciting. Hopefully they'll come to enjoy Colorado as much as I have.

Who knows, now that I've got some time, I might even update this site with some of the new tricks I've been learning the job, at the very least I'd like to re-code it with some of the advanced JavaScript techniques I've been learning.

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