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1.30.2007 - Domain Forgers SUCK!

How nice, I have some jerk spammer forging my domain on his spams. I hope he's enjoying himself. This has resulted in an enormous amount of bounces hitting my mailserver. Unfortunately there's not much I can really do about it - if I could, this cowardly scumbag would be financially ruined! Pity spammers still (somehow) qualify as human enough you can't put a bullet in their head on sight.

Still, if this keeps up I'm going to start investigating things a bit more and looking into what legal solutions are available.

1.27.2007 - Trip Back to Glenwood

Happy Birthday Rob!

I went back to Glenwood Springs this past weekend for the annual Arts Center meeting. They publically thanked me and presented me with a great painting of Mt. Sopris! I was quite surprised to say the least. I do miss going around there. Who knows what all the summer will bring - I will see if I can make it up to pitch in on the Strawberry Days fair. Though right now there's a lot of change going on so it's hard to tell what I will be able to do.

While waiting for the event to start I swung by the Glenwood Meadows Starbucks - I chilling out for a while in my truck making my weekend calls when suddenly I heard a vehicle peel out and plow into something. I snapped my head around to see a Toyota Tacoma still smoking its tires pushed against a safety wall. Fortunately the driver was OK. Truck wasn't in great shape - the wall was badly damaged but did the job, it stopped her from plowing into the store front. She said that her truck just freaked out and floored it - personally I think she might have simply stepped on the wrong pedal. It's easy to do and we've all done it at least once. If we're lucky we're in park or neutral.. if we're unlucky... well...

Had the chance to swing by a friend of mine's place over in Dotsero. I got to know Chauncey at WestStar - he and his wife both are good friends to have. I got the chance to try Texas Holdem and the Nintendo Wii while there. Texas Holdem is different - I've never played poker quite like it. I can see the appeal in it.

The Nintendo Wii is quite innovative. The controller concept is quite ingenious and seems pretty well executed. I can see where it would be a good "party system" or system for kids (using the controller will wear you out!). I wish Nintendo the best of luck competing against the likes of Sony and Microsoft! Never thought I'd see the day I'd consider Nintendo the out and out underdog - but indeed they are. Both Sony and Microsoft are companies that hardly inspire any loyalties from me. Frankly I fear Microsoft getting dominance in the console market - we've seen what "innovation" they've brought to web browsers!

1.25.2007 - The New Job and More

Wall Street On Demand so far is just awesome! Two weeks into it now, it is a great place to learn new tricks and pass on what I know. They've built an amazing portfolio of very talented programmers and designers. It has been a while since I've looked around and saw nothing but a wealth of knowledge in the place that I work. It's exciting really.

The commute has been an adjustment - I used to take 36 in and out. That ended pretty quick. Some of the alternate routes have proven a bit better. Though I do miss running my truck at full speed.

I have been tinkering a bit more with IE7 trying to get it working. One of my WSOD coworkers gave me a work-around that fixed my height/width issue with IE7 but there's still something in the DHTML code of this site that is choking it under both Windows Vista and Windows XP. When it is puking - it's not just a small script error type thing, I'm talking full-on browser crash! It's going to take a bit to isolate what is doing that and why. Still, JavaScript should not be able to do that to the browser! According to my site stats, IE7 traffic is nearly the same as my Firefox traffic now. So fixing this is becoming more of a priority.

My old firewall box has now been retired. It has been replaced with a Soekris Engineering net4801. So far I like it! It's no dragster when it comes to drive speed reading/writing to the Compact Flash card. When compared to the old box replaced it draws NO power, makes NO noise, and generates NO heat - overall I'd say that made it a worthwhile upgrade! This is the first time I've ever set up a "headless" box that had no video card - it was an interesting experience but fortunately Tom, who has a lot of experience on that, sent me some great instructions that were pretty much Betty-Crocker.

Burning Crusade, the expansion of World of Warcraft is out. Oof. A pox on Blizzard for my sleep deprivation! Oh well, so far so good, the new areas are quite something. If you play WoW I'd consider it worth getting - provided you don't mind lack of sleep!

1.12.2007 - A New Year In A New Place

I have wrapped up my job at WestStar Bank/US Bank on 12.29.2006 - since that time I've been working on moving and getting settled in.

I've sold my condo, packed all my stuff and moved down to Broomfield. It's about 15 miles away from work, but I couldn't really find a place in Boulder I liked that offered enough storage/square footage for a price I liked. So far I like it here, it's weird having various shops so very close now. Either way, it has been good to have a few days to adjust and relax as I get settled in.

My place here in Broomfield looks to be pretty nice. I signed a shorter lease hoping to reinvest in a new house before long. It'll be nice - least down here I'll have the chance to actually have a house with a yard. Up in Glenwood that would've been next to impossible.

The weather down here has been pretty intense. If not for snow itself it's been blowing snow or just cold itself - right now it's just 3º F out! Earlier this week I had some Chevy SUV go totally sideways in front of me. Fortunately he slid off the road and (remarkably) didn't it anything - still, I had a rather tense moment wondering whether I was going to broadside him. Tom (www.vader.net) spent this week in Denver working on something for Yahoo. Was good to see and hang out with my old college friend outside of World Of Warcraft.

The time off has been nice, but just the same I'm looking forward to starting work at Wall Street On Demand.

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