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2.19.2006 - Cabaret!

The Churchill brothers fly over their sisters
The Churchill brothers fly over their sisters
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Another GRRR to Lexar - the RMA form said they'd ship it back either FexEx or UPS 2-Day. They shipped it back ground! I called them up and told them they need to either ship as they say or change their RMA form. They offered to ship another card overnight but I'd have to pay yet again to ship the extra card back to them.

Had a busy weekend - fortunately my old SanDisk 1GB card held out OK and I was able to get all the shots I needed for the Cabaret show put on by the Glenwood Springs Center For the Arts. Managed to get some pretty nice pictures of the event - hopefully some can be used for the upcoming site and collateral. Next time I'll have to buy fresh batteries for my flash. Not that I would've used it a lot, but I like having it as an option. That and seeing if I can coax the director into adding just a tad more light to make photography a little easier.

The Cabaret show was good. It was a showcase of some of the local talents around here. The picture to the right is of the Churchills. If they have child that doesn't perform I can't say I've met them yet. Quite a gifted family who are not afraid to try different things.

Photographing the Cabaret got me to thinking about upgrading, the shooting conditions forced me to put my E-1 in settings that run right smack into its design limitations. Mainly higher ISO speeds. My E-1 has served me well - it's a great camera and I love it, but I've been waiting for Olympus to announce a successor. Hopefully they'll do it at the upcoming PMA show. Looking for better performance at higher ISO speeds, higher megapixel count, and a few other improvements and bells & whistles. Hopefully it shouldn't cost too much outside of the costs of just the new camera body assuming it can use my battery grip and other accessories. Would like to sell my E-1 to my brother but I'm not so sure he'll be willing to pay for it plus a lens for it. I'm definitely not giving away any of my lenses - suckers are too expensive!

Went skiing again over at Sunlight. Had a good time - though I think I need to get some sort of neck gator or something, my lips and chin got pretty windburned.

2.12.2006 - Lexar - GRRRR!!

Apparently it's Lexar's time to get GRRRed. I was out yesterday skiing and playing photographer for 24 Hours Of Sunlight - a grueling endurance race that takes place at Sunlight Mountain Ski Resort. While at the top my card died on me - wasn't able to get the full 2GB use out of it so I had to ski all the way back down and grab my backup card. I'm learning that it's a must to have at least 2 cards with you.

I had been lax on getting on the slopes this year. Need to get out and do it. Had a great time skiing the slopes and feeling the wind in my face again. Alas, excuses are a dime a dozen. Best thing is to get out and just do it. The shop did a nice job tuning my skis this year - they felt just right. I was able to go as fast as I wanted without them feeling likely they'd slip out from under me yet had an easy time making turns.

2.06.2006 - Superbowl Sunday

Overall it was a decent game. Not the closest by any means but it looked like it was a good contest at times. Would've been nice to see Indy go all the way this year - alas, guess there's always next year.

Started work on the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts site. This one looks like it's going to be radically different than any other site I've done before. Either way, I believe that they'll have a great site when it's all said and done.

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