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3.20.2006 - Center For The Arts Site Continued, ASP.Net, and WoW

The Center For The Arts Site is coming along - after coming up with more designs Gayle glommed onto the original concept I created. *shrug* Either way, I've started crunching the HTML and CSS to make it reality. Once again I'm reminded that while Microsoft is a great fighter - they are a poor steward. The CSS handling is very different between those two browsers. Fortunately some of the CSS code from this site can be used saving some research time.

A recent project around work has thrown me head-first into ASP.Net. Oof - glad I spent some time reading up on it the week prior! Fortunately the code I'm working on was very well written - though a little foreign to me. It's always a challenge understanding someone else's code. After a few days of intensive study of that code I was able to knock out part of the project today. It's an interesting language - so far I like it. I can see where it is indeed the successor to Classic ASP which I write quite extensively. I've been wanting to make that jump to ASP.Net for a while now. The thing is, switching over in a way means taking a few steps back in speed and knowledge. The sensation isn't too much unlike switching from HTML to XHTML - but once you master the new techniques it's amazing what you can achieve. More than anything I'm just happy to say my first big foray into ASP.Net has been a success.

I probably needed to jump into WoW (World Of Warcraft) like I needed a hole in the head. Still, it's a fun way to work with friends and meet people. So if you run across "Celayne" on Shadowsong or "Bramos" on Sen'Jin - that's me. Doing it for fun, and am going to keep this one in balance with other stuff I'm doing - especially the Center For The Arts Site and dating.

3.12.2006 - Center For The Arts Site, Snow, and Babylon 5

Ick, got lax on making updates to this page.

Been hard at work trying to come up with a new Arts Center web site. This one is proving quite a challenge as artistically it's going to be in a different place than I've ever been before. That was to be expected though. It's one thing to do a design for someone who's not so artistically inclined but its quite another for someone who is. Fortunately Gayle and Sinda have given me some solid leads on where for inspiration on this. I've produced one design I'm totally happy with. The others need some work.

I was originally supposed to meet with Gayle this past Saturday. The band who was supposed to play the Arts Center Saturday night backed out due to weather and Gayle got a hopefully peaceful weekend at home. Oh well, this will give me more time to play with designs.

Been snowing quite a bit this weekend. Almost weird to see. Who knows how long it'll stick around. Monday's drive to work ought to be challenging. It always is through the canyon. Friday they had the left lane shut down right before the No Name tunnel where it looks like a few cars slid off the road. Driving through the canyon you can easily see where several other unfortunate motorists got familiar with the walls.

At work I've been working some on learning ASP.Net - it's such a different animal from Classic ASP like I'm used to writing. Still, it has a lot of very cool capabilities you won't find in vanilla Classic ASP.

Man, just did some checking up on JMSNews.com and found that Andreas Katsulas had passed. As a long-time Babylon 5 fan he was a damned good actor - G'Kar had such powerful moments and Andreas brought him to life as none other could've. He made G'Kar believable and so real.

On a more positive Babylon 5 note - Jerry Doyle has a talk show? Hmm, wonder if anyone local carries that? No doubt it's entertaining. From what I've seen and heard of Doyle in the past he has a sharp wit and is one of my favorite B5 actors. I'd like to meet him some day.

Lastly, the latest Eric Johnson album has some awesome tracks on it. Paul Gilbert's latest is pretty entertaining too - complete with kooky lyrics.

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