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3.27.2007 - Still Tweaking IE7

The load sequence still needs a bit of work. IE7 is still proving itself a nuisance to say the least. I might have it licked - though I have to actually upload my site to see if it is fixed.

I still need write that test case. If nothing else because I seek to understand why IE7 is flat-out crashing on that. Some have speculated it's something I'm not quite doing right - I want to disagree, but I need to be validated on this one. A test case would distill this crash issue down to the bare bones and may also show if my code is doing something odd.

Man I'm out of shape. Kickball was fun - I look forward to this week's game. Kicked a double, and managed to score - wow I was sore. I've brought my bike into work. Now I just need to get my out of shape butt on it!

So far work is going well, been spending the lion share of my time killing bugs. I've managed to squish more than a few of them. Most of this week I've been working on hardening the scripts that generate the charts.

On the WoW front - I now have my Karazhan key and this coming weekend Heart's Blood will make our first run on it. Expect two things out of this: 1. a learning experience and 2. a repair bill. Either way, it has some nice stuff that drops in there - not the least of which is parts for Tier 4 gear.

3.21.2007 - More IE7 Quirks

Polite words are really inadequate to fully sum my feelings for this misery called IE7 that has been foist upon the web development community by our "friends" at Microsoft... I can only hope Mr. Gate's kids decide to pursue a career as web developers.

Was looking at it a tad closer and noticed one other inexplicable quirk - it seems to be ignoring dynamically set overflow attributes. Early in the interface setup scripts I set [element].style.overflow = "hidden" using JavaScript on the body. Now, this tells most all other browsers NOT to display scroll bars and to allow any thing that goes beyond the borders to simply not be shown. Unfortunately IE7 was still allowing scroll bars to appear and the loader sequence was jacked up. I've added a little more code here and there to try to further IE-proof it.

I've also looked more into ways to re-enable the "hot" class selectors during animation - to no avail. IE7 still crashes when you manipulate [element].className in any way on the sub menus. Just need to take the time to distill a testcase. Though that is a rather time consuming proposition. Now that I've got the DHTML/AJAX system working adequately in IE7 I might spend some time working on that.

Kickball tomorrow!

3.20.2007 - Guests, Sports, Spring, and a Dead IE7 Bug!

Going to have a busy next couple of months. Next month my mom is coming for a visit. Then in May, my aunt, uncle and grandmother are coming out. Looks like I'm going to have to take some time to get my place GI'ed!

This Thursday the company kickball team "kicks" off. Should be fun, been YEARS since I've played it and I'm looking forward to it. Overall things have been pretty quiet at work - still squashing bugs here and there. Things are starting to roll on the next big project. There's not a huge amount I can do right now, but I'm going to try to get as much done as I can to get this project done as fast and complete as possible.

With spring coming on I've been working on cutting back on my Warcraft play. My Tauren Druid, Bramos, is max level now and I have been getting into some of the endgame instances for Outland. Those instances are damned tough. Shadow Labyrinth is just plain nasty - going into that place you gotta have a party strong on skill and DPS! Brutally hard fights in there. Game is a lot of fun but it is taking up way too much time - it needs to take a back seat to other crap going on in my life, such as trying to figure out why IE7 pukes on this code.

I love being MS's QA department. Someday I'll have to invoice them. The good news is I found what the hell was crashing IE7! I added a quick flag to my client object to specifically disable that feature for IE7. I know implementing specific browser hacks in code isn't so good, but you do what you have to. Unfortunately the bug causes a crash which doesn't make it "catchable" - the brower simply barfs! The nature of the bug seems to point to a combination of dynamically creating my subMenu objects while altering their classes. At this point I'm not sure whether to bother distilling it down to a test case for MS - I have some rather graphic ideas what I'd REALLY like to do.. I would create a test case if I had some reasonable expectation MS would even care. I suppose I should write that test case out of principle, but I'm still thoroughly honked at MS over the overall lack of quality I see in IE7.

In the mean time, if you would like to see what it takes to crash IE7 - click here. WARNING, THIS WILL CRASH IE7!!!

3.7.2007 - Marching On...

You know what's silly is when I start making updates and then realize much to my chagrin that I've had January 2006 for my 2007 updates!

My first project at WSOD was a great success - it went through QA remarkably clean from what people tell me. It's good to know! Even then, the two biggest bugs that were discovered by QA was a result of some of the differences between the Development and Acceptance environments. I'm quite pleased with the way it came out. Yeah, it can use some polishes here and there, but overall I'm quite content with the results. It works, meets the goals, and will easily accommodate future expansion.

Lately I've been working on various bug fixes for code that I didn't write. Quite interesting doing that - in the past I've only had to fix my own code!

Since starting at work I've learned quite a bit. WSOD has built such an amazing portfolio of talent there - it's an amazing place to work even though there are times I work my butt off.

In my spare time I've been playing (too much) World of Warcraft. My druid is a lot of fun since I got him past level 68 and he got the flight form. He's now max level. It's nice to get him there - and it's even nicer now that he's often requested to join in on instance runs here and there. I admit the druid class is a blast because of the huge variety of play - part rogue, part tank, part priest, and part mage - it's safe to say you get a great cross section of all roles in WoW. I'd like to get my priest leveled out now. It's just a matter of spending the time to do that. Though I am starting to work on focusing on more important things in life - sleeping for example!

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