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4.23.2006 - Arts Center, and ASP.Net continued

Work continues on the Arts Center site - still quite a bit of work yet to be done on it. The problem with having lots of pages on a web site is maintaining all of them. That and feeding the pages content when created. Shoot, it's a bit of work at times to take the time to update this page for me.

I'm not sure what to do yet on giving them the ability to have a visitor register for a specific event and pay via PayPal. I really don't want to hard-code the items into the page. I'm thinking of perhaps using an XML file on the server to have all the store items and iterate through that. Either that or set up mySQL on that box. Problem is giving Gayle/Sinda something they can update without needing to contact me.

Starting to make some good headway on ASP.Net, it is so very different from vanilla ASP. So far so good - I've had it on my todo list to learn this for a while. I find that whenever I read a book on it, it doesn't take. When I actually use the new skill to create something, that is when I truly learn it. Microsoft did do a lot to improve and enhance ASP with it - but really the name is misleading. The fact is they are totally different, it is a ground-up redesign of just about every facet of the language.

That said, it's just a matter of time before I knock the rest of this project out. Unfortunately just as I am starting to make comfortable headway on this project I have to take some time to move my mom. Not exactly what I consider a fun trip.

4.5.2006 - Arts Center, OpenBSD, Dead Projects Revived, and April already?!

Nuts! Some guy snapped up the domain we were planning to use for the Arts Center. Oh well, GlenwoodArts.org is a better fit anyway. They are a non-profit organization afterall! So we have the new host set up, we have a rough design hashed out, just need to meet and start developing this thing in earnest.

Just ordered OpenBSD 3.9. My annual upgrade. Those of you who use it - you should buy a CD at least once a year. It's not about "buying" - more about "supporting". Those guys do great work! OpenBSD/OpenSSH are awesome products.

Oof, had a project at work that I had thought (hoped) was head spring back to life. Having to replace a home-grown app. Unfortunately that home grown app is ugly straight to the bone! Poorly designed interface, badly written code, even the database backend is horrid. Fortunately I have help on this one. We've completed the new database backend and am now working on the new front-end design. Mike, the guy I'm working with on this, is good - with his help we've been able to come up with a design that is simple and elegant. Will likely write this in ASP.NET to get to know it more.

It's April already?!? Man.. before I know it I'm going to be hauling my A/C units back up. I like my condo, but it's easier to live in during the winter.

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