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4.15.2007 - Kickball, Music and Visits

Amazing how fast time can slip by between updates.

This week I get my first code review at WSOD. Should be interesting to see what all comes up. Can't say I've ever had my code evaluated by other programmers before.

So far the kickball games are going OK. Our team is 2 and 2 - that last victory being a dramatic come from 5 behind in the last inning turn around. I'm reminded when I have to run the bases how out of shape I am though - oog. I need to fix that.

Recently I've been getting caught up on my music - I've got Joe Satriani's, Paul Gilbert's, and Marty Friedman's latest albums. All three of them have some great tracks on it but so far the one track that stands above them all is "Devil Take Tomorrow" by Marty Friedman. In short, wow. "Ten Words" by Joe Satriani is great too.

My mom is here for the week visiting. I plan to take here to the Stanley Hotel and a few other places. It has been a while since I have been to Estes Park - it is one of my favorite towns to visit here in Colorado! During that time I will probably be in RMNP - I might be updating some of my shots of it on my site.

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