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8.20.2006 - Volunteering

It's been quite a year with my involvement with the Arts Center. I started out doing the poster and "save the date" card for the '05 Culinary Arts Wine & Brewfest. From there I started volunteering my time and camera to help capture some of their shows - a lot of my pictures have appeared in their marketing collateral.

Eventually the subject of the new web site came up - and it was great to help them out, the Arts Center site is one of my best looking sites and Gayle and Sinda were great to work with on that project. I took the opportunity to help them move to a shorter and easier to type domain, it used to be glenwoodspringscenterforthearts.com - which is a tad bit too long. I helped them move to GlenwoodArts.org, which is much easier to type and remember. That project also gave me the opportunity to increase my knowledge of PHP as it is used to parse in and sort an XML file to handle the course schedules.

The next project on tap for them is the big fall update for the web site. We'll probably adjust the home page a bit, as well as updating the entire course schedule. It's a lot of work ahead, but it's for a great cause.

Then of course there's Culinary Arts Wine & Brewfest stuff - the poster and logo are done, as well as the "save the date" card. Just a matter of going to print on that.

For those of you who are seeing this site for the first time who read about me and my URL on the latest Center For The Arts newsletter - the situation with WestStar is I'm still working for them, but with the US Bank acquisition my job there as I know it is going away. I'd like to stay in this area, and having a good paying job here is key to that. So if you, or someone you know has an opening, send them my URL.

8.13.2006 - Volunteering

Jeez, been a pretty quiet month thus far. Just been going to work and dinking around on World Of Warcraft for the most part.

I need to get some pictures bundled/sent to family members from my trip to Indy the previous month.

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