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9.4.2006 - Birthdays

Before I knew it this site turned one year old! I remember grinding through the entire month of August working on this site. So far so good - I've quite happy with the design, the code chassis, and so on. The CSS and JavaScript code has received a few tweaks here and there, but other than that not much has needed to be changed outside of content.

Not sure that the future will bring - I might change the graphic set a bit at some later time. On the whole I'm content - for now. When I get some time I might heavily revise portions of the load sequence. I also might do my friend's site - www.vader.net

9.3.2006 - A Week In Denver

Was nice to spend a week in Denver at New Horizons training. The bank had a bunch of training vouchers that are going to disappear when the bank does so it was great chance to use them.

The C#.Net course was interesting - much was familiar to me but I did get exposure to other facets of the language that I was not familiar with. I guess now I could make greater peace with Visual Studio. No denying that it is an absolute beast.

The trick is using more of that C#.Net to build some stuff. It's one thing to have exposure to a language and even take a course in it - it's quite another to actually use it. I tend to not learn things until I actually use it.

In addition to taking the course I also worked on and completed the fall update to the Arts Center site. The home page design is a bit different - still, the biggest thing is getting the Fall catalog in it.

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