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9.12.2007 - Good lord, did I orphan this thing?!?

I suppose I did.. where to even start! I've been busy to say the least.

What was I up to all this time?
  • Completed a few odd/ends projects at work
  • Recieved my first code review - got some great suggestions which I've implemented as my standard coding practice. It will be a while before this site is re-coded to incorporate the new techniques.
  • Got the portfolio project done on time in spite of having the deadline slashed in half on accident.
  • Continued improving code here and there at work - the main customer I work on is now more/less done (for now!)
  • Goof around a lot on World Of Warcraft - got some nice raiding gear and so on on my toon.
  • Entertained my Aunt, Uncle, and Grandmother on a nice visit out here.
  • Entertained my Mom on a visit out here.
  • Redefined "pathetically out of shape" with the aid of my bicycles.
  • Ripped through the last Harry Potter book in 2 days. (enjoyed it)
  • Bought a house.
  • Moved into house. (ouch)
  • Put a ton of time, money and effort getting said house up to snuff.
  • Bought/used a lawn mower for the first time in over 10 years.
  • Was reminded why leaving a sack of grass clippings in my garage is officially a Bad Idea™ (rotting grass smells like a sack of smashed assholes)
  • Discovered the joys of pulling cable through a house.
  • Completed a number of other projects at work.
  • Upgraded my windows server box to 2003 Server.
  • Discovered, much to my irritation and a little to my expense, that Vista does not support analog video in.
So far I'm liking the new setup. Pretty well getting settled in. For the most part I'm done messing with my new home - just need to focus on things on the domestic front.

I'd also like to re-iterate my congratulations my friend, Tom and his wife Lori in welcoming their first-born child.

Hopefully I'll get on a more frequent update schedule on this site, I don't plan to play WoW nearly as much as I did before. While fun I can't and still expect to make the life I desire.

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