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10.29.2006 - KRZR Continued

Man it would be nice if Verizon had a ready stock of the belt pouches for it. You cannot buy them anywhere around here and that's irritating.

One thing I was able to get for the KRZR was a 2GB(!) MicroSD(TransFlash) card. 2GB on that tiny chip. Now, the KRZR is able to take it but getting that many songs on the phone is a bit problematic. Frankly VZW would've done well to QA this thing a little more. There are 3 ways I've found to copy songs onto the phone for play:
  1. Remove the card and copy the songs into the "my_music" folder - but this sometimes causes the phone not to be able to read the song or even the song database.
  2. Plug in directly into the computer via USB and use the "MTP Media Player" thing that appears in the "My Computer" window - this generates similar results to the above.
  3. Plug in directly into the computer via USB and use Windows Media Player to "manage" the music on the phone through Syncing. This seems to yield the best results though I can say I HATE the Windows Media Player Interface. Frankly I find it cumbersome to use. It makes a lot of things more difficult than they have to be.

At least twice I have managed to get the phone to corrupt its own database forcing me to remove and format the memory card. Not good. Other times songs will copy into the phone but not really copy - or simply arrive DOA.

2GB cards seem to really give the KRZR fits. It can indeed take them - but using them fully loaded is quite a different thing!

The Goddess Hafla show at the local Center For The Arts was nice - they had some fire dancers at the end of the show. I had fun trying to take pictures of that. While there I ran into another photographer shooting an Olympus E-1. You don't see too many using E-1's. Still - I am very much looking forward to Olympus's successor to the E-1. I managed to get some great shots of the Hafla just the same - still, oof, maybe I should buy new flash batteries. Problem is the FL-50 can suck a fresh set of batteries dry pretty darn quick.

10.17.2006 - Going KRZR

Decided to upgrade my phone. My venerable old Moto V710 had served me fairly well - I liked it much better than I did the T720! The V710's age was showing a bit and I had some nice discounts from VZW so I took the plunge.

The KRZR (pronounced "Crazer") is a sexy looking phone - nice materials all over topped with a gun-metal finish on the top surfaces. The kind of things that scream "SCRATCH ME" to the world. It's inevitable this thing will get scratches. Unfortunately since this phone is so new hardly anyone seems to make carry case for the darn thing! Might have been nice if:
  1. Verizon/Motorola would've made available a belt clip/protective case for the darned thing or at least had one available
  2. Software would've already had native support for it without resorting to some crude hacks to transfer my phone book in

The voice command system is a bit more polished out than the V710. I like it. Though it seems Verizon has gone third party on that since it's nearly identical to the one on my friend's LG Chocolate. Still, I really wish VZW would knock it off with the red bars thing. They stick out like a sore thumb! Plus the whole "V-Dent" in the top bar is a little over the top - I don't need to be reminded who my carrier is! I might see what it'll take to hack those back to something less obnoxious though I doubt that's possible.

On a different note, it looks like that jerk spammer is still using my domain for his stupid stock spams either that or I'm just getting bounces off the first wave - hard to tell without a detailed look. If I could I'd reduce the scumbag responsible to nothing but hair, teeth, and eyeballs on the bottom side of a smoking crater!

Ghost Hunters is back on Sci-Fi for a third season! Cool show if you dig the paranormal. They don't do stupid theatrics or play into hysteria, they go about it scientifically and document facts. I enjoy that kind of thing because so much is beyond our understanding at this time. The other part I love is that it is drenched in the history of a place.

I'd really like Jay and Grant to go to Europe. They're bound to get some great stuff there!

10.14.2006 - The Wine & Brewfest

All the preparation and time paid off - this year's Wine & Brewfest was a smashing success. Preliminary figures show that we smashed the previous attendance record!

The work on this year's handout was pretty much down to the wire - and even then we had a few late-comers to the silent auction. Oh well, for print media you have to cut it off at some point and go to press.

From the early feedback we've received I'd say the two-room format is a definite keeper. Last year just jammed too much humanity into that single room - it was hot and I would even say uncomfortable. With the two rooms there were a lot of people but it didn't necessarily feel crowded.

About the only thing that needs work is the silent auction end. We tried to smooth it out, but it still needs more work.

Overall this year's event was a great success and I plan to stay on the board for next year if I'm still in the GWS area at all. Unfortunately that's up in the air at this time. I hate that - not knowing. Either way, now that the Wine & Brewfest has wrapped for this year I can focus more on job hunt stuff and answer that hanging question.

10.1.2006 - October

Things are getting close with this year's Culinary Wine And Brewfest - today I'm going to be working on this year's hand out that we'll be passing out to attendees. It's not often I work in the print media - it's an interesting change.

Seems that right now there are lots of irons in the fire. Not sure if any of them will pan out at this moment. Only time will tell. Just have to keep putting myself out there and hopefully the right connection will be made. October seems to be an interesting month with my professional life. If the pattern holds, this month will see some changes. Hopefully only positive ones.

GRRR! Apparently I have some stock-spammer forging my domain. Been getting lots of bounces from emails I never sent out. Great, he gets his little pump-n-dump and I get all the bounces and all the subsequent spams that result from this. There are several things I'd like to do the anonymous coward doing that - most of which involve his various bodily openings operating in ways God never intended.

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