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12.11.2006 - Where to even start?!?

I had gone quite a while since I had last updated this site. A lot has been going on!

Near the end of November, two job opportunities presented themselves. A great company based in Englwood and Wall Street On Demand in Boulder. Ultimately I went with WSOD because I felt they offered the best opportunity for growth and career development. It's going to be quite a change from WestStar Bank but I'm looking forward to it.

Unfortunately this means I'll be moving out of Glenwood Springs. That part is bittersweet - I had come to know Glenwood Springs so very well over the years and made quite a nice impact on many people's lives. I had also made a number of good friends out here. On the flip side - finding a woman out here has been difficult, that and the job options for a techy like me are fairly limited. Boulder and its surrounding area hold greater hope for me in many respects. I hope I am able to find good, worthy volunteer stuff to do on par with the Glenwood Springs Center For the Arts.

One nice side bonus of the end of WestStar is I have had the opportunity to get hold of Vista. In fact I'm editing this site in it right now! Vista is.... different. Has a very slick new front end. MS has made it "Feel" more secure - whether it actually it is up for debate. MS had touted XP SP2 as "the most secure Windows ever" which is akin to touting a new model of a screen door on a submarine as the "most watertight ever." Time will tell - though unfortunately MS is relying on their old arm-twisting tricks to get people to upgrade to it. Not the least of which includes only releasing DirectX 10 for Vista. That and the only version of IE available for Vista is version 7... great... guess I need to go back and modify my sites so IE 7 will render them accurately. I'm still rather PO'ed at MS over IE 7 - yipee it has tabs and anti-phishing... what about the CSS compliance web developers have been BEGGING for for all these years!?!

I have a 64-bit system - but for now I've found the 32-bit version will have to do. Too many of my apps are 32-bit only and/or won't work under 64-bit Vista. One app that was a total loss was HomeSite 4.5. I should upgrade it(?) - for now I'm playing w/various freeware editors.

Oh well, now that I'm done mucking with my computers I need to work on getting moved down. I hate moving. Regardless I'm very much looking forward to seeing what I can do for Wall St On Demand!

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